Who does not know this question? "Now I'm sailing in my class forever, I've bought good material, but somehow I'm not getting any further"!


What is the solution in real life, e.g. at work, in hobby or sport, when you step on the spot?


You ask a "trainer" and book courses !!


You have newly entered a class and want to spare the tips of the competition and the eternal "teaching and experimenting time"?

Go to the one who really shows you all the tricks and tips in a short time to make it happen!


For several years I have been organizing individual and group training for the Soling, J-70, 420 (youth coach in Central Switzerland), Flaar18, Lacustre and sailing teams of various boat classes in clubs ... and the success of the training participants is impressive!


Would you like to enjoy sailing more? Then maybe you should book a training!


The offer includes "flexible trainings":


The location and the training process are "flexible", i.e. tailored to the individual wishes of the participant(s) and to the respective wind conditions. There is no "idle"!


If water training is not possible due to the weather, then we deal with "Rules & Tactics" training and / or boat optimization, maneuvering and boat handling - the whole supported by video recording ... of course I am here on the latest technology and accompany the training with the camera!


Training Duration:

At least 1 day


Number of participants:

One to a maximum of 6 boats (the smaller the number of participants, the more intense the training); in justified exceptional cases sometimes more ...


Training location:

- Flexible - can be freely determined by the participant (s) ... the best seasons for training are spring and



- For some years I also offer winter training and coaching in Vilamoura, Portugal

- Usually at the location of the fleet or boat; but also at other lakes... as you wish


Tip: The best experiences we have made on Lake Reschen and Lake Garda. The wind, weather and temperature conditions there make sailing from the beginning / middle of march to the middle of november an experience with highest training success.


In winter, Vilamoura (near Faro airport) is an option.


Training Content:

Will be "flexible", depending on wind and weather conditions


- Check and discuss the respective boat condition with suggestions for improvement

- Water training with video and photo analysis after sailing

- Individual training as a consultant and sailor aboard to check the actual situation

- Improvements to boat and crew work are the main goal

- Speed comparison and trim optimization compared with other training participants in light to medium        winds

- Maneuver training with team training at all winds

- short regattas with various starting procedures for training courses with several participants in all wind      conditions

- Boat trim and improvement of boat handling

- Rules, tactics and strategy training as well as proper preparation for the races

- competitive psychology ... before, during and after the races


Of course, I also like to go to individual training requests!


FEES for trainings, coaching and regattas:


1 training day: EUR 700, - plus 19% VAT


2 training days: EUR 1.300, - plus 19% VAT


3 training days: EUR 1,900.- plus 19% VAT


more than 3 days on request


Costs for flights, train, access by car (EUR 0.30 / km), expenses and accommodation we charge additionally


(an inflatable boat is required and is normally provided by the organizer).



- by mail: info@segelsport-roman-koch.de

- by phone: +49 (0) 151 42 630 504